Rogo Pendant Light


The ROGO is a cheerful yet elegant pendant lamp that will brighten up your room even if the lights are out.  The ROGO is composed of two upcycled glass top parts of a bottle, the lower part being a bit larger than the top part.  Both glass parts are open at the larger diameter side.  The cut bottle neck parts are kept together by a metal ring, in this case steel powder coated mat black, making the ROGO somehow resembling an asymmetric hourglass.  It’s only at a second closer look that your guests will notice that the ROGO is actually made of upcycled bottles. The ROGO fits perfectly above a dining table or bar furniture, in a row of  3, 4, 5 … pieces or hanging in a circle at varying heights.  The ROGO comes with a single black cloth covered electrical cable and supports E27 bulb fitting.

Available in one size, and various color combinations.  Sold individually.

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