Our engaged designers are creating a bright, new world.

Frederik Delbart has an independent creative office, located in Luxembourg. He is active in product design, strategic design management and consultancy. Inspired by textures and structures, the main purpose of his studio is creating honest and simple objects. By having a critical approach on the way objects are used and look, every step of the design process is thoroughly studied and regarded with respect for the user, the manufacturer and the editor.

As we live in a critical environmental situation, respect for nature is always present in my choice of materials, the assembly methods and a strict selection of suitable production plants. Passionate for raw and pure materials such as wood, glass, metal, porcelain and paper, I always try to find new limits by using those materials with a mix of respect for tradition and a sense of innovation. I believe that an open mind mixed with a large cultural background will form the way to a successful product.
In 2018, Frederik Delbart received the ‘Designer of the Year’-award in Belgium.

Cas Moor is a Belgian product designer and interior architect who has earned international recognition over the past years with an exciting portfolio, ranging from lighting design over frames for spectacles to furniture design. His vision on design is reflected in a selection of honest materials and thoughtful craftsmanship that does not only serve the design, but also tells a good story.

While developing a product I like to focus on the design process. Rather than designing a product for specific functions or requirements, the product arises from the material, from a technique or from experimentation, resulting in ‘honest’ products where material and craftsmanship not only serve the form, but also tell a tale.

A good design to me is when an object is stripped down to its bare bones with the essence still intact.

Studio Segers is an internationally renowned and multiple award winning creative studio for architecture, product design and graphic design. Product designers Wim and Bob Segers and Tom Fonteyn stand for minimal design, starting from a no-nonsense approach with innovative techniques and sustainable materials.

Designing means returning products to their essence. With durable, functional and timeless solutions. Meaningful concepts stripped of all superfluous things. Innovative and honest products that are right, down to the smallest details. Respect for craftsmanship and tradition are basic values. The challenge is to design products which are pure and honest and transcend trends. Attention to detail and refined simplicity are essential. With respect for context, sustainable use of materials and a high level of aesthetics we strive to make qualitative products that find their way to the market.

With this passionate attitude Studio Segers has designed for established brands for many years and has received a multitude of illustrious awards such as German Design Award, Reddot Design Award, IF Award, Design Plus Award, Henry Van de Velde Awards, European Aluminum Award and Good Design Award.

In addition to our international network of external creative talents, IQUAS also has an in-house team of product developers via the partnership with IWAS Products. They are responsible for developing different product lines to accustom our clients’ needs several times a year. They also ensure that the common vision and values remain intact throughout the top design collection: upcycling, sustainable and socially responsible.

IQUAS wants to offer a platform to young and upcoming talent.

In collaboration with design schools, IQUAS will organize several student contests where a jury of specialists will choose the winner of the IQUAS award.

The 2021 IQUAS Award is offered to  the winner of the Concours at ESADSE Design School in Saint-Etienne, France.

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